Your partner for dynamic aerial filmography

Dynamic, precise and of high quality – that is what is expected from aerial filmography today. And that is exactly what we have set ourselves the goal. Our pilots have many years of flight experience and have all the state certificates and licenses required for drone operation.

We have many years of experience in photography and filmography and therefore speak one language with DOP and direction on set.

About Us

We produce first-class aerial photographs for film & TV productions, commercials, image films or industrial documentaries on your behalf. We use the most advanced technology in the air to guarantee you a perfect result. With our Heavylifter drone, we can also move high-resolution medium format cameras in the air, so even exceptionally large final formats are no problem for us.


We have worldwide liability insurance with 6 million euros coverage, as well as fully comprehensive insurance for equipment used on the set. If this sum is not enough for your project, we can easily top it up.


Our pilots have all the state certificates and licenses required for drone operation and are in constant contact with the responsible authorities. Should your location require a separate ascent permit or additional permits, we will be happy to check this for you and obtain it for you.

Operating Worldwide

Our pilots can look back on years of flight experience and have been working internationally for film, TV productions and commercials since 2013.


By using the latest battery technologies, we achieve a flight time of up to 6 hours. If necessary, however, the batteries can be recharged in parallel on site using our autorkes production equipment, which makes an almost unlimited use possible.


We are happy to process the recordings made for you and give you the finishing touches.
With some systems it is necessary to stabilize the data – we will of course be happy to take care of that for you.


Since professional work is our top priority, we have at least one complete backup copter system on site for every project. In this way, we can continue working without delay even in the very unlikely event of a technical defect.


Thanks to the latest technology, we are able to reproduce a high-resolution live image in full HD resolution without delay via HDMI and SDI directly on the floor. On the one hand, this enables perfect control of the recordings during the flight and also opens up new possibilities for live streams and broadcasts.