The Atacama Desert in Chile, often called the driest place on Earth, is a mesmerizing terrain that provides the perfect backdrop for capturing the essence of adventure and power. It’s no wonder that BMW chose this extraordinary location for the release of their latest masterpiece, the BMW R 1300 motorbike.

To capture the BMW R 1300 from every angle, we relied on our equipment to capture breathtaking aerial shots. However, operating drones in the Atacama was not without its difficulties. The strong desert winds and the high altitude posed a significant challenge to the stability and performance of our drones. It required skilled pilots and advanced equipment to ensure we got the perfect shots without compromising safety.

// Client: BMW Motorrad
// Production: studio goico
// Producer: Nadja McAdams Thornton & Alex Butaud
// Director: Stefan Pfeil & Victor Jon Goico
// Assistant Director: Angelo Antonucci & Diego Medina
// DOP: Julian Holzwarth
// B-Unit: Studio Goico / Martin Gölz
// Photographer: Victor Jon Goico & Johannes Wink
// Digital Assistant: Johannes Hartig
// Drone Operator: Daniel Wagner & Andre Jung
// Drone Assistant: Nicolas Pradel
// Editor: Sören Görth
// Colorist: Peter Hacker
// Post Production: Studio Goico
// 3D: Studio Goico / Martin Fuhrmann
// Music: California Music
// Riders: Riders: Aloisio Frazao, Shahnawaz Karim, Miles Davis, Jennifer Huntley, Archie Greene
// Production Company: STUDIO GOICO
// Service Production: Twentyfour Seven
// Line Producer: Christobal Sotomayor
// Production Manager: Susan Del Rio sudelrio
// Production Coordinator: Tomas Ortiz
// Location Manager: Daniel Aguilera
// Location Scout: Enrique Castro
// Styling: Lisa Lichtblau

// Agency: TRACK
// Creative Director: JAN ZÜHLKE
// Social Media Agency: LOBECO
// Content Strategist: NICLAS BERGÉR
// Video Creator: Lino Muhr
// Location Support: Tom Weinmayr TWTmoto